Delivery & Return


Consistent delivery like clockwork because we own our logistics team. You will get your soiled laundry picked up as we swap them with your new orders, avoiding any embarrassing pile up on your premise.

Returns and Reject Process

How to return Reject Linen back to laundry?

  1. Put in a separate laundry bag.
  2. Label the bag with “Reject Linen” and “Business Name/Items/QTY”.
  3. Give it to GSL driver
  4. Email us with Reject linen list

What happened when GSL receive the Reject Linen list in email and Reject Linen?

  1. Our sorting team will go through the linen and make sure reject linen won’t go back to hiring system again.
  2. Will issue a credit invoice once sorting team sort out the reject linen.

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