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Welcoming New Customers

Get in touch with HERE and fill in a simple form
  1. GSL will get back to you and understand your requirements
  2. We will meet in person with a quotation and build a relationship with you and your team
  3. Once everything is satisfactory, a contract will be exchanged
  4. GSL will prepare our service to you as well as discuss your changeover process with you and your team for seamless operation
Our Regular Service
  1. Place your orders through your own web portal 2 business days prior to delivery day
  2. Your orders will be packed and ready for dispatch
  3. On the day of delivery, your linen and supplies will arrive at your loading bay with your delivery dockets
  4. All your soiled linen will be picked up once we leave your premise
  5. Any memo or notes can be passed to our delivery drivers, please let our office know as well to keep communication clear

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