Bed Linen

75/25 Cotton Polyester Deluxe Sheet Range

The sheets in our Deluxe range represent a step beyond in every sense. This range carries our already strong commitment to quality and softness to the next level, resulting in a luxurious feel which is truly superior to the touch. But this is not the only aspect which sets these sheets apart. Constructed from 75/25 cotton poly, pieces in the Deluxe range are engineered to perfection, and will more than hold their own against the rigour and strain of repeated washes.

180-TC: Even after a long period of service in your business, these sheets will continue providing the same high levels of comfort and luxury to your guests. Deluxe, premium quality, and value which can’t be beaten—this is what our range provides to you and your clients.


In the hospitality industry, or in another commercial market, the experience you provide to your guests and clients is paramount. This means providing intense softness and comfort, as well as the kind of attention to detail which complements your decor and your services. The pieces in our Dress sheet range are perfectly suited to this purpose, and feature a smart satin stripe pattern and texture which will provide the right impression to clients.

250 TC: Manufactured using a sturdy cotton and polyester blend, these fast-drying sheets will stand up to the rigours of commercial washing, securing the same sharp aesthetic appeal and tactile softness for longer. In terms of long term value, it is difficult to challenge our Dress Sheet range.

Deluxe Pillowcase

75/25 Cotton Polyester

Constructed with a superior high thread-count and cotton yarn, these commercial pillowcases offer enhanced comfort, breathability and extra durability.


Spas and beauty saloons will love our fluffy massage towels and other towellings.

Caress Table Linen

Our Caress Tablecloth & Serviette range are  hard wearing, easy ironing all whilst being easy care. They have stain release properties, that make them ideal for the hospitality industry.

Linen Size

Code Description Dimensions (cm) Box quantity Weight (gsm)

  • 54 x 54 inch
  • 54 x 72 inch
  • 54 x 90 inch
  • 54 x 120 inch
  • 54 x 144 inch
  • 72 x 72 inch
  • 90 x 90 inch


Polishing Cloth

Tea Towel


Helping staff and patients to stay safe.

An essential manual handling tool, the unique slippery surface of our Slide Sheets ensures that trained staff can reposition patients or residents easily and safely. Made from polyester taffeta, the sheet feels smooth to the skin and can work on top of most bedding surfaces. It launders well and the edges are heat sealed to ensure there is no fraying to extend use.

Cellular Health Care Blanket

100% Cotton Cellular Blanket Constructed from a heavier yarn that helps make this blanket weightier offering more comfort.

Bed Pad with Wings

Capacity to hold two litres. Reusable and easy handling, comes with wings.

Performax Scrubs

Performs like a pro. Made from an innovative, breathable wicking material, PerforMAX™ scrubs keep everyone feeling cool and looking great. Plus, PerforMAX™ scrubs make laundering easy and efficient, drying in 40% less time to save on utility costs.

Barrier Gown

Medline’s exclusive Blockade fabric has a taffeta weave with untwisted continuous polyester filaments. Colour-coded military style collar for easy size identification. Stand-up military collar for extra protection at the neck with high density construction resists fluids while maintaining comfort and functionality. Light weight gown and breathable gown that is durable with low-linting providing lasting performance.

  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomies
  • Hernia repair
  • Angiography
  • Inguinal/umbilical hernia repair
  • Carpel tunnel release & finger procedures
  • Nasal/eye procedures
  • Skin lesions
  • Podiatry/bunion
  • D & C
  • Interventional radiology or catheter
  • laboratory procedure
  • Simple orthopedic surgery
  • Breast biopsy
  • Dialysis

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