Linen for medical centres

ensure proper standards of hygiene

For over 20 years, we have provided a full range of theatre bundles – that meet the Australian Standard – to hospitals and day hospitals across the region. All linen products we provide are processed at our state of the art plant, to ensure a proper standard of hygiene.

Clean, neatly folded linen is delivered to you regularly to ensure you have everything you need, when you need it. They can come in packed laundry bags or in trolleys, whichever works best for you.

Absolutely fantastic Nothing is too much for them

Joseph Agius Avatar Joseph Agius
10 May 2022

If you are after great service Geelong Surf Coast Laundry are the company to use for all you linen services. Very reliable and professional. Highly recommended.

Khanh P T Do Avatar Khanh P T Do
18 May 2022
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Most Popular FAQ`s

Orders are to be placed by email only unless needing to discuss something further.

Orders are to be placed 48 hours before your set delivery day.

This doesn’t include weekends, so if ordering for a Monday delivery you will need to place lastest the Friday before by 12pm.

You must set an account up or payment is to be made before delivery each time.

Once an account is set up you will receive a monthly statement, this is to be paid 15 days after issue or account will be stopped

Most certainly you can pay weekly, and this would be our preferred method.

Yes we have card facilities or direct debit options available.

The linen is delivered in trolleys provided by GSL, unless a smaller customers they will be placed in bags for the drivers.

No this is not an option, the trolley is to be emptied by your staff ASAP.

If this is not possible a hire fee will be charged for the trolley to stay on your premises for longer than a week.

If you are unhappy with something you received, we are happy to replace the items within reason.

We need people to understand that it’s a production line, to be able to produce the high quantities to supply customers there is always going to be machine errors or marks missed.

We do our best to catch the items but not 100% possible.

We are open Monday- Friday 8-4 Office hours, we are closed Boxing Day, Christmas day, Easter Day.   We try not to work other public holidays as you can imagine the cost of running is high.   If we need to work to supply customers then yes we do, you will always receive an email a few weeks out to inform you of closing days and how to order for this.

This is generally not an option, the linen will go moldy if left wet, this is something we can discuss moving forwards to make work for both parties.

Orders are to be placed weekly only as needed, linen stored on shelves for weeks and not turned over will be charged a hire fee.

Yes sorry, its still costing our company to collect our linen unless there is an agreement between both parties.

Yes more than welcome to come in and collect, we do need a phone call or email to confirm that your coming to allow staff time to pack for you.

Yes we are more than happy to have a chat and see if we can advise you the best we can, we can only give you an opinion as to what works with other customers.  Always happy to help with the big task starting up business together.

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We pride ourselves for our personalised commercial linen services. How can we help you?
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