Why Us?

Seven reasons why use Geelong and Surfcoast Laundry

  1. You do not need to invest in new and replacement linens as part of your capital outlay, let us handle them. You can free up your funds for the more important stuffs.
  2. There are many overheads when it comes to linen processing including chemicals, machinery, labour costs and huge spaces for processing and storage to name a few. Not to mention all the water, sewerage, and safety regulations that comes with them. All these can be taken off your load because we take care of them for you.
  3. Your business does not have any unseen costs for laundry when you receive an absolute fair charge from us.
  4. We specialised in the types of linen that suits your business needs because we make it our business to know them. Contact us to chat with our friendly team.
  5. The costs of processing your linen from us to you will be cheaper than doing it yourself because we have more purchasing power and affiliates when it comes to the linen industry.
  6. We make regular trips to your establishments so you will have sufficient supply of fresh linen without linen shortages and storage issues.
  7. All of our team are from the local community and we understand your needs.

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We pride ourselves for our personalised commercial linen services. How can we help you?

Technology and Resources

  • Automation technology to meet your demand
  • Energy saving
  • Water saving
Chemical control
  • PH and Alkalinity
  • Hair and body products
  • Stains on linen
RFID Technology for imprinted in Linen and Assets

Our linen with RFID Technology will tell stories and journey during the linen lifespan. As the linen get used and processed, their location and time between washes can be tracked to provide better service and improvements to our serviceability to you.

Trolley Hire

Linen is usually delivered to your premise on trolleys. They are complimentary service provided however these resources are limited and liners will need to be washed after uses.

Caring for the Linen

To keep the linen to be in the best condition

Steps to look out for:

  1. Delay on returning soils. Mould and mildews will grow especially when wet and conditions are warm
  2. Cement stains will never come off
  3. Chemical stains from cleaning products
  4. Do not wash linen using domestic equipment and chemicals. We used specialised chemicals and wash programs
  5. Pilferages do happen and we advise to check during room changeover to charge missing linen appropriately. Information you provide us will help us keep our service and relationships strong
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